3 Ways To Modify Your Home With Wood Laminate

3D illustration of kitchen with wooden and green facades

Pair Laminate Countertops with Undermount Sinks Easily

Undermount sinks are very popular in both traditional and modern kitchens, mainly because they are:

  • Sleek and streamlined as opposed to bulky and in the way
  • Easier to clean due to less nooks and crannies than top mount sinks
  • Easier to reach as the tops of the sinks are level with the countertop surface

Although some modern kitchen styles have top mount sinks, we suggest sticking to undermount sinks for your kitchen. You can cut out space for an undermount sinks on laminate countertops easily. Click here to see how you can create cut-outs for sinks, hobs, etc. on laminate surfacing.

Create Backsplashes with Wood Laminate

Wood laminate is a great surfacing option for backsplashes, especially for areas that are exposed to moisture and splatters, because the laminate is hygienic and long-lasting. It is also a great interior fashion statement. You can incorporate wood laminate to match almost any type of pattern or style, for example: Using classic wood-grain textured laminate, you can add to a modern, retro kitchen.

Use Wood Laminate for Vertical Surfaces

Whether  you want to add a dramatic focal point to a room, such as a big bookshelf or a showcase, or style areas of a room with a modern backsplash, consider using melamine. Melamine can be used for a variety of horizontal and vertical applications and, as it is easy to shape; you can really use your imagination to make incredible décor and furniture items with the amazing material.

When using laminate for vertical surfaces, keep in mind that you cannot install laminate onto a drywall surface as this can result in bubbles in the laminate, which you obviously don’t want.

Source: http://www.info.formica.com

Countertop: CREMA MASCARELLO by Formica Group® 180fx


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