Add a Dash of Colour to Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of a home – and if you are going to be spending so much time in it, you might as well love it! While the traditional neutral colours and wooden or white melamine cupboards is not a bad look, colour can really give a kitchen new life! Here’s how:


  1. Splash in some colour with a backsplash!

Whether a hand-painted ceramic tile or modern stainless steel tiles in gold or bronze, a move away from the tried and tested white ceramic will be like a breath of fresh air.

Click here for backsplash options:

  1. Paint is your best friend.

Nothing can brighten up a dull space like a bright red wall. Or pale blue if that tickles your fancy. Either way, being daring with kitchen wall colours is fun and not as risky as you often don’t see much of the actual wall in the kitchen. Choose a colour that goes with the design of your kitchen, and match the wall colour to your colourful backsplash!

  1. Use your cooking utensils, crockery and pots as décor.

Open shelves are in – so show off what you’ve got! Contrast colour by displaying white plates on coloured shelves or that pretty painted teapot on a neutral coloured shelf.

  1. Change your cabinets.

This doesn’t mean pulling out what you have and starting to build your kitchen cupboards from scratch, you can simply play with what you have. You can paint over existing cupboards or replace your door and drawer fronts with new colourful laminate wood or melamine. You could also replace your old worktop with a colourful new Formica countertop.

Visit PG Bison’s website to view possible cabinet and worktop colours:

Learn about Formica laminate and other surface innovations that will transform your kitchen space here:

  1. Accessorise!

Art, ceramic pitchers, colourful vases, and even colourful appliances – all of these can be used to add colour to a neutral-toned kitchen. Art personalises a space and makes it seem homier.



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