Cutting And Edging Wood Laminates.

worktop-edging-tape_300.jpgWhen working with any type of wood laminate, be it countertops or decorative laminate for cabinets or shelving, your first priority is to cut the wood without chipping the laminate. This can be tricky if you do not know how to do it correctly.

A dull, or blunt, saw blade will cause a chipped, rough looking edge when cutting melamine or laminate. It is best to use a table saw with a sharp carbide tipped blade for the best cutting results.

For a clean cut, try to keep the board in place and gently run it through the blade. It is important to keep the board steady and in place as any movement may also result in chipping.

Once you have cut your board the difficult part is over – now you can assemble your desired furniture or wooden piece. However, you will find that the edges you have cut will most likely be showing, and looking rough.

If you order all the boards for your project pre-cut at a cut and edge company, you can ask them to edge all the sides that will be showing for you.  For supplier information click here.

However, if you are buying a larger board of MelawWood or decorative laminate and cutting it yourself you should also know how to edge your board to finish off your project neatly.

When you purchase your board look for matching laminate tape edging in the same colour. When ready, roll out a length of tape over the edge you want to cover, and then cut it off to the correct size. Make sure that the tape is even and correctly places, flush with the edges on both sides, and then use an iron (on the highest heat) to activate the glue and attach the edging tape to the board.

Make sure that you do not burn the tape by keeping the iron moving at all times instead of allowing it to rest on one place.

It’s really that simple!



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