The properties of SupaWood

download_(2)SupaWood, also known as MDF is a type of hardboard, or medium density fibre board, manufactured by compressing wood fibres together.

How is it made? Is it real wood?

MDF or SupaWood is a manufactured wood product – this means it is not s solid piece of wood (as taken from a tree) but it is a board made out of wood fibres pressed together, along with different chemicals such as paraffin wax and synthetic resin, under heat and pressure.

SupaWood is PG Bison’s branded MDF product, and the best quality MDF available in South Africa. It is made by bonding wood fibres with synthetic resin adhesives which is cured under heat and high pressure. To aid in water repellent, a paraffin wax is added.

What makes SupaWood different from other board?

Due to the density and manufacturing process of SupaWood this product is easier to machine and work. The fact that is not made out of wood sheets or chips, such as Plywood and chipboard respectively, means that the product can be easily routed and moulded and allows for easy edge profiling. This means that this type of hardboard can be made into almost anything as it can be shaped and manipulated without chipping.

If one were to deeply router plywood for example, one might lose a layer of the wood sheet. Woking with chipboard can also be tricky.

The fact that this material doesn’t have a grain nor any knots also allows for easy use and minimum wastage as the entire board is of superior quality.



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