6 Advantages of Laminate Material

Hardwood is a beautiful flooring material to use, but you may need to reach very deep into your pockets before you will be able to lay it on your floors. Luckily, for those of you who want the beauty of hardwood without the price tag, laminate is an amazing alternative.





As laminate continues to grow more and more popular, the material is becoming more and more stylish, so much so that you may not be able to tell the difference between hardwood and high-pressure laminate!

What is laminate?

Laminate is a versatile material that is made up of 4 layers.

  • The bottom layer: The material has a bottom layer which is called the “backing”. This is specifically designed to keep the wood moisture free.
  • The inner core layer: This layer is the high-density fibreboard. Resin is used to prolong the durability of the material.
  • The design layer: The design layer is the pattern, colour or image of wood, metal, stone, etc. that will appear.
  • The top layer: This layer is the protection layer. It protects your design layer from damage.

The layers are pressed together under extreme heat to form high-pressure laminate.

What are the advantages of laminate?

You will find a design you like

As there are so many different types of patterns, designs and colours, you are bound to find one you want.


Laminate is one of the most versatile surfacing materials. It can be used for vertical and horizontal applications.

See PG Bison’s Formica High-Pressure Laminate.


The beauty of laminate is that it can be used to make a home look stylish as well as for practical reasons. For busy homes, it is durable and designed for hassle-free living.

Value for money

Even though laminate is great quality, it is also not very expensive; in fact, it is more reasonable than most products on the market of such quality.

Low maintenance

With today’s busy lifestyle, we are all looking for the least time-consuming solutions. Laminate is one of them. It is easy to clean and does not require regular sealing like other products.

You can install it yourself

For those of you who are frequent DIYers, you will be able to install this material by yourself.

For more information, visit http://www.info.formica.com/


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