6 Benefits Of Laminate Countertops

It is amazing how changing small elements in your home can make a room look completely different. Replacing curtains, faucets, wall paint, etc.; all these small changes are able to transform the style of a room.

One specific change that you can make is replacing your kitchen countertops. Old kitchen countertops can make a kitchen look tacky and, if your surfaces are very old and broken, germs are able to breed more effortlessly.

Laminate countertops

A lot of people are quite impressed with the benefits of laminate countertops. Whether you are building a house from scratch or changing old kitchen countertops, take a look at laminate countertop facts and hop on this hot trend!


Laminate counter tops are made from layers of paper and resin. Sustainable forests and paper suppliers supply the wood fibre that is used.


Laminate countertops are resistant to stains, heat, impact and abrasions, according to Consumer Reports done in 2014. Durability is an important quality that countertops should have as they need to withstand pressure without damaging.

Cost effective

Laminate countertops are more affordable than other durable countertops such as stone. According to Formica.com, they can be a third of the price. This is a massive saving considering the quality of the laminate surfacing.


Laminate surfacing is not only limited to kitchens. You can install the surfaces in other rooms such as bars and bathrooms. With the different patterns and colours available, you can transform surfaces almost anywhere.


With the various patterns and colours available, laminate countertops can complement various styles and trends. The eye-pleasing designs are absolutely beautiful and are able to mimic other surfaces, such as wood and stone.

Easy to maintain

For those of you who do not want to spend hours scrubbing grout off your kitchen countertops, you’ll be glad to know that laminate services are easy to clean and maintain.

Sourse: http://www.formica.com/en/us/tips-and-education/laminate-101_2016



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