Creating cut-outs for sinks, hobs, etc.

Now that you have cut your FORMICA worktops to size, you will most probably want to install a kitchen sink, stove top/electric hob, etc. into the worktop. Here’s how.

Firstly, you will need to make a cut out to place the item in, for this article we will be explaining the process of fitting a sink unit.

Start by measuring and marking the underside of your worktop so that you know exactly where the cut out should be. If you are installing a new sink, they usually come with a paper template that can be used to trace the cut-out size and shape to the underside of your worktop. If you will be installing a sink, or another item, that does not come with a template, you can draw one yourself on a piece of paper or card. Be sure that you draw the inner dimension of the sink and not the outside “lip” that sits over the worktop, otherwise, your sink will fall right through the cut-out. If you have more than one cut out to make leave at least 250mm between each one.

sinks 1


One you have traced your cut out shape and size onto the worktop, and checked that it is positioned in the right place, you can drill started holes. These holes will be used to place your jigsaw blade through to start the cut-out. The started hole should be wide enough to allow the jigsaw blade to fit through.

sinks 3


Begin by measuring where the starter hold should be, and then matching that spot with the corresponding measurement on the other side of the worktop. Your drilling point should be inside the required area – to make sure that the drill hole is in the right place add 20mm to the desired location on the cutout line. It is important to always drill from the top of the Formica worktop surface through to the bottom to avoid chipping.

sinks 2

Once your hole is drilled turn the surface over and cut with your jigsaw blade from the underside. Once you have cut all around your cut out will pop out. Then clean away all the dust and seal the edges (as explained in How to install Formica LifeSeal Worktops – Part 2.

Place your sink face down on a flat surface and place silicon around the edges of the sink unit. Then position the worktop over the sink lining the sink up with the cut out holes. Lastly, clamp the sink into place on the underside of the worktop. Now your worktop, with the sink unit installed is ready to be installed into place.

sinks 4

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