How to install Formica LifeSeal Worktops – Measuring and Cutting

When building a new kitchen or replacing any worktop, FORMICA LifeSeal worktops truly are the best option.

Why are FORMICA worktops the best choice?

FORMICA tops are durable and dependable surfaces that require unbeatably low maintenance. These tops are scuff resistant, heat resistance, and impact resistant, keeping them in the best condition for years. Above that, FORMICA worktops are easy to clean allowing you to keep your kitchen and home clean and hygienic.

Installing FORMICA LifeSeal worktops – measuring

Before you can install your beautiful new worktop – whether it is a wooden, or granite look – you will need to measure you old worktops, or the space where the worktop should sit, to know what sizes to cut.

num 3.jpg

If replacing a worktop measure the size if the old tops.

If you are building a new cupboard/kitchen unit from scratch, measure from the wall to where the worktop should end.

Always take the overhang into account.

If you will be installing a worktop into a corner, remember to take the width of the first side into account when measuring the length of the second side. Therefore, when measuring the second side, do not measure from the wall to where the top should end, but measure from where the first side ends to where the second side should end.

Cutting your FORMICA worktops

Once you have measured your workspace and bought your FORMICA worktops you get started on cutting the pieces to size.

First remove the free edging strip from the packaging and put it aside for later use. Be careful not to damage the worktop with whatever knife or tool you use to open the packaging.

Keep the worktops protective packaging in place until you are ready to install it to ensure that it does not get scuffed or damaged.

Then mark the tops for cutting and be sure to double check your measurements, and mark them clearly, to avoid any mistakes.

num 2

Cut your FORMICA top with a fine-toothed blade ensuring the blade of your saw rotates – this will help you to cut through the laminate without chipping or damaging your surface.

Once you have cut your worktops to size all you need to do is seal the edges and then you will be ready to install them and create your dream kitchen or workspace.

num 1

Look out for more articles on how to install FORMICA worktops on our blog.


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