How to seal your Formica LifeSeal Worktop’s Edges

Firstly, it is absolutely essential that you ensure that all edges of the worktop are as smooth, clean and dust free as possible. This will guarantee a longer lasting result.

You need to seal each raw edge with a double coating of good quality exterior grade varnish or a good damp proofing sealing. You will get the best results by using dabbing motions to make sure that the sealant goes in-between the wood fibres and enables adequate penetration.

Once you have finished installing the worktop, the join between the wall and the worktop itself will also need to be sealed on the top with silicone.

The exposed edges that face outwards:

The free edging strip that is supplied with your Formica LifeSeal Worktop will give these edges a perfectly finished and professional look.

Step 1: Shape and cut the edge strip to the exact length and shape of your Formica LifeSeal Worktop. Make sure your edges are sealed before you apply the edge strip.

Step 2: Wait for the seal coat to dry then evenly apply contact adhesive to the edge of your now sealed worktop and the backside of the edging strip. Give it some time to dry, as per the instructions on your contact adhesive.

Step 3: Cautiously put the edge strip onto the sides of the worktop with firm pressure.

Step 4: Clean away any extra contact adhesive and, once the edges have completely dried, file the edges clean.



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