Preparing SupaWood (Part 2)

SupaWood is specifically formulated to be designed, cut and shaped easily. Even though these boards are convenient to cut, assemble and finish, it is still essential that you take precautions so that you do not damage the boards in any way.

Cutting SupaWood

When cutting SupaWood, you need to make sure that the tools you use are sharp as blunt saw blades can cause edge damage. When using the saw blade to cut the fibreboard, use the high speed, slow feed technique as this will help you get the cleanest cut; using a scoring blade will get you an even cleaner cut.

Assembling SupaWood

Machine nailing, stapling and screwing is ideal for SupaWood. Avoid hand nailing the fibreboards. Opt for Resin coated screws and nails as these have a firmer hold as opposed to other options.

Also, opt for drilled pilot holes as opposed to punched pilot holes. To avoid the fibreboards from splitting, use straight shanked screws; for bigger jobs, instead of using thicker screws, use longer ones.

SupaWood Finishes

There are two main reasons for a surface finish; longevity and aesthetics. Wood stains and stain varnishes can provide both for you fibreboards. When applying such finishes, apply 2 to 3 coats and sand in-between the applications.

Once SupaWood is sanded to a smooth finish, it is an ideal surface for PVC wrapping and any finishing paint, including spray paint. Before applying any finishes, ensure that the fibreboards are free of any leftover dust to prevent small bumps from forming underneath the coating.

Balanced construction

Another important thing to remember is that when applying a surface upgrade, such as paint, veneer or laminate, apply the same treatment to both sides of the fibreboard, even the side that is not visible. This will prevent warping, cupping and bowing from occurring.

For more information, take a look at this video.


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