What Makes SupaWood Special? (Part 1)

PG Bison’s remarkable medium density fibreboard (MDF), SupaWood, is one of the most popular materials and has countless uses. What makes SupaWood special? – The versatility and endless possibilities that it offers. SupaWood offers a pristine quality blank canvas that you can manipulate, alter and design to make something great.

PG Bison ensures that cutting-edge equipment and technology are used to create the Supawood and we also ensure that we find new ways to give you high standard boards that are easy to work with. The uniform structure of fibres packed closely and neatly together allows you to shape, turn and rout the flat board panel however you want.

How is SupaWood made?

To ensure the best quality fibreboard, timber must go through a specific process. The timber is chipped, washed, softened and then reduced to fibre; thereafter, it is coated with a quality grade resin, which is also made by PG Bison. Once the fibre has been dried, it is formed into a mat and passed through a belt through the ContiRoll® press. Heat and pressure are applied by steel belts bonding the boards together. Panels are then cut and sanded.

What is SupaWood used for?

SupaWood, is used for the following (and more):

  • Doors
  • Furniture
  • Framing pictures
  • Décor

SupaWood is extremely versatile. It is available in standard sizes to allow less wastage. The thickness of the boards ranges from 3 mm to 30 mm enabling the boards to be used to create something intricate or simple using standard wood- working tools. The boards are also non-directional which means that they can be cut in any direction.

SupaWood simply has all the best characteristics of natural wood, yet none of the limitations. Various finishes can be applied to the surface after production, including lamination, foiling, printing and veneering.

For more information, take a look at this video.


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