Upsize your bathroom using Melawood

take-a-shower-1412987Living with a small bathroom often requires you to be extremely creative in order to enjoy the space. Unless you knock the walls down and go through the hassle of expanding the interior, your best bet would be to work with what you have by using versatile materials such as Melawood and a little bit of creativity!

Here’s how you expand your bathroom space using Melawood:

1. Go with Black Cherry:

Using light-coloured bathroom cupboard panelling and drawer frontals, you automatically brighten up the whole room – which in turn creates the illusion of having a bigger bathroom. Avoid going with a dark grain if you already have a confined space, it’ll only make you feel even more claustrophobic and create a very dark space. Black Cherry is an ideal choice for creating a sophisticated looking Melawood bathroom on a budget.

Black Cherry

2. Match your Melawood to your floors:

Create continuity by matching the colour-tone of the floors to that of your bathroom drawers and surfaces. Go with a neutral colour on the floors, and match that colour all the way up to your walls and ceiling. By matching the colour-tones, you create continuity which allows all the elements to blend together smoothly, in comparison to having dark cupboards and light walls – which will only cut the space into sections.

3. Install Melawood with the grain facing upwards:

By installing Melawood on your cupboards and bathroom counters with the grain facing upwards, you’re creating the illusion of having a tall ceiling, without even realising it. Tall ceilings create the illusion of having a bigger bathroom than you technically have. The trick is to play around with the colour-tones and grains in such a way that opens up your bathroom and adds light to an otherwise small and confined space.


You may also be interested in extending Melawood throughout your home: Wood Wall Panelling For You Home







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