Transforming your office using Formica

formica_hpl_panelling_1Creating an office that looks both professional and inviting requires a delicate blend of materials and decorations. Luckily, you can have a sleek-looking office in no time with a little bit of Formica – that won’t cause you to break the bank. Here’s how:

  1. Make use of wall panelling:

Choose an empty wall (a blank canvas) and install a decorative wall panel in your chosen colour theme. It makes  a great focal point and can change the whole feel of your office.

  1. Incorporate neat shelving:

Display your awards, valuable memorabilia or interesting collection of books related to your industry on a neat shelving display. That way you have easy access to your important items without having to pack them away.

  1. Install Formica cupboard carcassing:

Continue the Formica theme by creating cupboards you can use to store important documents and items you don’t want clients to have access to.


  1. Pick a colour theme:

It’s always important to have a uniform colour theme that transcends throughout the office. Depending on the type of environment, it can either be a lively, bright colour or a neutral, wood-type theme.

  1. Choose decorative furniture:

Set yourself apart from the rest by having decorative Formica furniture displayed in your office. It has an exceptional resistance to wear and tear and is easy to maintain.



Make your office memorable to your clients, future and present, and come across as more professional by making use of a very durable and dependable material such as Formica.





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