How to use Custom Laminate in your Store

NA_Formica_Envision_Ski Wall_mainCustom laminate can transform any store’s interior design. Careful consideration and unique ideas can lead to beautiful results that can help you increase your brand equity.

Retail executives were surveyed. According to Expressing Ourselves:

  • 57% agree that a retail store designer’s job importance will increase in the next 5 years.
  • 47% agreed that a retail store’s visual/design/planning elements are more important now as opposed to 5 years ago.
  • 75% planned to add a design or renovate their stores.

Retail environments need to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to move around in. Designers and planners need to know the latest consumer trends to create the best retail environment for retail stores.

Custom Laminate can be used to enhance your retail environment; here’s how:

Product displays

No matter how formal or informal a store is, all product displays need to have a sense of uniformity and need to fit into the overall store design. Displays that are uncoordinated may drive people away from your store.

Custom laminate surfacing can provide unique product display options for your store. Laminate is an innovative surfacing solution. You can custom design laminate surfacing to suit the colour and design style that you want.

Cashier desks

Cover your cashier desks with custom laminate. This is a great opportunity to encourage brand engagement while the customer is checking out. You can print any design onto the laminate surface to help drive branding after a customer has purchased items.

Graphics for decor

Custom Laminate can also be used to create unique backdrops and graphics. They can be used to sub-divide areas of your store, serve as big visual statements and as decoration. As you can display any custom design, statement, logo or branding on laminate, the possibilities for effective backdrops are limitless.

Dressing room doors

Dressing room doors are viewed by many interior designers as blank canvases that can be used to drive branding equity. You can use custom laminate doors to enhance the store logos or social media call-to-actions.

See more here.

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