How to remove scratches: Formica countertops

parsley-1329394There’s probably nothing worse than getting scratches on your new Formica countertops. It can happen in an instance, ‘quickly’ wanting to cut something up for dinner. But don’t worry. There is a way to restore your kitchen to its once scratch-free look without going overboard and breaking the bank. Here’s how:

Step 1: Remove objects 

Clear your countertops of any unnecessary objects that may get in the way of your mission – ensuring all breakables are safely stored away.

Step 2: Wipe down surfaces

Using lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid, ensure the scratch is cleaned of any dirt that may have lodged in the crack, as well as cleaning away dust and debris left on the countertop.

Step 3: Dry area thoroughly 

Use a soft, dry cloth to ensure the surface is clean from left-over soap and water. The countertop needs to be thoroughly dry.

Step 4: Apply furniture paste wax 

By using a small amount of furniture paste or automotive wax if you couldn’t find any paste wax at the hardware store, rub the product into the scratch using a cloth

Step 5: Buff the surface

Using a soft, dry cloth or an electric buffer, buff the wax across the surface of the counter, ensuring you buff over places not affected by scratches.

Step 6: Apply a laminate filler 

Using a laminate filler on deeper scratches will help them blend more thoroughly. Apply a few layers and leave the countertop untouched for at last 24 hours to dry properly.

Step 6: Start buffing 

Buff over the surface, after being completely dry, with steel wool – avoiding pressure that’s too hard that may scratch the surface again.

Step 7: Clean the surface

Use a dry cloth and spray polish to wipe down your Formica countertops of left-over debris to ensure a scratch-free, shiny kitchen workplace.

Step 8: Renovate

If the scratches are too deep to recover, consider replacing your old countertops with brand new ones. They’re available in a wide variety of colours and design patterns to suit any personality and décor style!

Want more info? Click here: Formica Design Range


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