How to design an outstanding office cafeteria – With pictures!

PG6A cafeteria is a great add-on to your workplace. By installing one, you are preventing your staff from eating at their desks, which is very unhygienic and a bad work habit, and you are providing your staff with a quick and easy way to eat lunch.

All areas in an office should be designed to promote a conducive to working environment to keep your employees happy and productive. When it comes to office cafeterias, they need to be designed and equipped to ensure that they provide all employees with the ideal place to eat their lunches without affecting their day-to-day work and priorities.

Outstanding cafeteria design tips

Spacious service area:

The food service area must be designed in such a way that lots of people can access food without preventing the ease of service. There should be enough space for appliances to keep food that needs to be hot, hot, and food that needs to be cold, cold.


Enough moving space:

Employees and staff need to have enough space. If the area is too cluttered with too many furniture pieces, décor and appliances, movement will be obstructed.


Enough seating

The size of your office should determine how much seating you need. Make sure you fit in enough tables and seats to ensure that the cafeteria has adequate seating while preventing the cafeteria from looking overcrowded.


Hygienic kitchen

Ensure that the kitchen is spacious enough to allow separate areas to store hot and cold foods. Also use a hygienic kitchen counter surface such as Formica (HPL) surfaces. Laminate surfaces are reasonably priced, durable and hygienic- this is ideal for an office kitchen setting.

PG_4 (1)

Legitimate appliances

Sometimes you need to pay a little more for quality canteen appliances to ensure that they are durable and effective. Main appliances include:

  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Ovens
  • Accessories to keep foods the correct temperature




Flooring should be easy to maintain and clean as well as slip-resistance to prevent accidents from happening. The flooring should also suit the cafeteria’s interior design.


Interior design

You need to create a relaxing environment- but not one that is too relaxing! Choose pleasant colours and use bolder elements to incorporate your overall office interior design into the cafeteria.


See more here.



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