How To Design A Functional Kitchen

na_180fx_3476_jetsequoiaIf you’re planning to install a new kitchen, consider a layout that will make working in the kitchen smoother and easier. Having all the essential kitchen components is essential, but placing them effectively will ensure good traffic flow and efficiency.

The kitchen work triangle

The kitchen work triangle creates a connection between the three main working areas in the kitchen, namely the stove, refrigerator and sink. Imagine a straight line being drawn from the centre of the stove- to the centre of the refrigerator- to the centre of the sink and then back to the stove again. See image below:


Image source: dk2 Kitchens.

The triangle concept reaches beyond the kitchen. Areas such as dining space, pantry, laundry, family space and hearth can also be designed with the triangle concept to enhance the functionality of the rooms.

How can you achieve the perfect kitchen work triangle?

  1. Kitchen island

A kitchen island serves as the central hub of an open plan home. It can be used for different purposes, such as a homework/ study/ work, storage and gathering area. By installing an island, you can create the working triangle in your kitchen while still keeping your home open and spacious.


Image source:

  1. Laminate surfacing

Well-designed laminate countertops provide endless design possibilities. You can decide how you want to shape and install the surfacing, thus, by using less space for counters and surfacing, you have more actual “moving around” space in your kitchen.

Laminate surfaces are durable and scratch resistance, which also adds to the convenience and efficiency of a kitchen work triangle.

  1. No clutter

Keep an open, clean area that is free of too much décor and too many appliances. Rather put all food, appliances and utensils in your cabinets or pantry to ensure that your kitchen is easy to clean and easy to use.





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