The Best Ways To Utilise Formica Countertops

kitchen-1256737There are many types of materials to use for your countertops, whether you need to spruce up your home or workspace. However, when it comes to choosing which material to use, Formica for your countertops is the way to go!

Here are a few ways for utilising your Formica countertops to bring out the best in them:

  1. Keep them clean:

Avoid harsh chemicals to prevent unnecessary damage. Instead, opt for water and a soft cloth to keep them clean. After all, the best way to maximise the lifespan of your countertops is to keep them clean at all times – free from grease and leftover liquids.

  1. Choose your countertops first:

When decorating or designing your kitchen, choose your countertops first. Formica countertops come in an array of colours and textures that can bring your kitchen back to life, so work your décor around your worktops.

  1. Opt for a 90° Delta Profile:

Not only for safety reasons, but to ensure your kitchen looks nicely rounded off, choose the 90° Delta Profile. It boasts beautiful round edges, confirming that the details matter most when designing your kitchen.

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  1. Become a non-hoarder:

Declutter your worktops, especially around the stove – not only for safety reasons, but to bring out the beautiful colours and texture of your Formica countertops.

  1. Invest in window cleaner:

It is possible to make your countertops shine as if they’re brand new with a little bit of window cleaner. It won’t erode or damage the grout or countertop, and best of all, it’ll make your kitchen smell fresh.

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