Remodelling Your Kitchen For A Resale

Capture (4)It really pays to fix up certain areas of your home before a resale. Remodelling your kitchen will probably give you the best return on your investment, especially if you fix the right kitchen elements!

Remodelling Your Kitchen for a Resale

Wall Paint

Painting the kitchen walls is an improvement you have to make. Your walls need to look presentable. Opt for a lighter colour, such as off-whites, creams and tans to ensure that your kitchen furniture stands out, your kitchen reflects more light and people will, more likely than not, like the wall colour.

Laminate/ Wood Flooring

When it comes to replacing your flooring, hardwood flooring will improve your home resale value. However, you can use cheaper alternatives, such as laminate flooring, that provide the same aesthetical appeal and are easier to install.

SupaGloss MelaWood Cabinets

If your cabinets are starting to look shabby, replace them with the tough, yet beautiful, high gloss decorative board.

SupaGloss MelaWood gets its modern, shiny look from a hot coat polyurethane (PUR). The high gloss decorative board material will ensure that your new cabinets are easy to clean as well as wear and scratch resistant.

Formica LifeSeal Worktops

Replacing your countertops can greatly improve the aesthetical appeal of your kitchen. Find the perfect laminate surface that matches the interior style of the house. Formica LifeSeal Worktops are:

  • Perfect for kitchens
  • Hygienic
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Wear & tear resistant
  • Moisture resistant

This is a cost-effective, quality choice for any kitchen.

See video on How to install Formica LifeSeal Worktops – Measuring and cutting.

Knobs, Pulls & Facets

Replace all knobs, pulls and faucets in your kitchen, especially if you do not plan to replace your kitchen cabinets. This is an easy and reasonable, yet necessary upgrade. Such a small change can make such a big difference, plus, you can choose from various materials, such as bronze, stainless steel, etc., to suit your kitchen’s overall style.


A mosaic or glass and tile backsplash can make a huge difference in a kitchen. When potential buyers view a home, they keep an eye for various creative and special elements that make the home more appealing to them.

A backsplash is definitely a great investment for your kitchen.


Make sure all lights are working. There is nothing worse than showing a client a kitchen that doesn’t have functional lighting.

There are so many different ways that you can incorporate lighting into your kitchen décor, such as installing under-cabinet lighting or beams to lighten up your kitchen surfaces.

Love at First Sight

You want potential buyers to fall in love as soon as they lay eyes on the kitchen, therefore, give them a reason to. Before they come to check out the kitchen, make sure that the kitchen is clean, decluttered and well-staged with decorations, such as fruits or flowers, so that the kitchen leaves a lasting impression on all prospective buyers.



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