Top Tips for a Trendy Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, where good food comes to life and families are able to spend quality time together. Which is why there’s no better reason to keep your kitchen up-to-date with the latest trends – ensuring your kitchen looks as good as the food it’s producing.

  1. Opt for neutral tones

Although colour can add spunk to any kitchen, you’ll be much better off going for neutral, natural colours and patterns on your countertops and cupboards. Life has become too busy during the day to spend time in a noisy kitchen when you return home. Besides, kitchens are becoming more trendy and high-end, in which case neutral colours will be perfect.

Classic Onyx

Country Oak

White Myriad

Have a look at: PG Bison’s Formica LifeSeal Worktops.

  1. Try an open plan

Feeling disconnected from the rest of your home is the last thing you want, which is why flowy, open plan kitchens are a real trend this year. This way, entertaining and cooking for your family become a team effort – and keeping an eye on young children while you’re trying to put a meal together becomes even easier.

  1. Choose brushed steel

Brushed steel finishes on your kitchen appliances add a touch of sophistication – from your refrigerator to your kettle. Keep your appliances identical in order to avoid a mixture of colours and textures which will turn a sophisticated kitchen into one big mess.

  1. Think smart storage

Decluttering is the key to this year’s kitchen trends, with everything having a place of its own – preferably out of sight. Think built-in storage spaces for wiring and plugs, to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. Besides, when you have beautiful Formica countertops, the first think you want to do is showcase them.

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