How to create the perfect white kitchen using MelaWood

Kitchen_Melawood SupaGlossVery few things say class and sophistication like having a trendy white kitchen in your home where your family can get together. However, there are certain elements to take note of in order to bring this crispy white vision to life. Incorporating durable PG Bison MelaWood Supagloss into your design will take care of these various elements. Having a durable, scratch-resistant countertop is crucial for any kitchen design as accidents do happen, especially with blades and heat taking over the space. To break it down, here is what you need to create the perfect white kitchen:

  • Woodgrain door and drawer frontals

The key to creating a refined white kitchen is by bringing natural elements into the mixture, such as MelaWood door and drawer frontals which are scratch and moisture resistant. MelaWood is the perfect application for busy kitchens due to its insane durability.

  • Decorative panelling

Having everything in your kitchen white can either turn into an image that is completely overpowering, or completely dull. This problem can be solved by adding decorative MelaWood panelling to an open wall. By choosing a wood grain that matches your door and drawer frontals, you can easily unify a kitchen and turn a dull space into an elegant oasis. Using a decorative panel is also ideal for kitchens who want to be decoratively scaled down, but not made boring.

  • Sophisticated lighting

Lighting is an important element to any kitchen, though when it comes to a white kitchen lighting is particularly essential. Light placement and brightness are the two aspects that will influence your white kitchen space. If the lighting is too bright and facing a specific space too harshly then the kitchen can look cold and personalityless. However, if the lights are too dim and not targeting various areas then the white kitchen can look lonely and empty.

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  • Matching appliances

To continue the sophisticated look, it’s important to match your appliances with one another – preferably sticking with a matt stainless steel surface finish if your countertops have a gloss surface. Red is a very popular colour for kitchens, though softer pallets and earthy colours are also starting to make their way into the market. Choose a colour that suits your preference and makes it pop out through a variety of appliances.

  • Minimalistic overall design

Clutter is a big no-no when designing a beautiful white kitchen, which is why it’s important to create proper storage for the appliances that you only use once in a blue moon. A family home is often filled with a large range of items- from mom’s slippers and dad’s car magazine’s to school bags and toys lying around all over the place. Make sure that your family kitchen does not feel the wrath of a busy household further by keeping countertops as empty and neat as possible. Having one corner or one wall to hang up awards, drawings, magnets, shopping lists etc. won’t do your kitchen any harm, as long as this jumbled is restricted to its own space.

For more information, have a look at PG Bison’s MelaWood SupaGloss colour range and specifications to choose the best designs for your white kitchen.


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