What’s new in the world of wood?

Two human head silhouettes with cogs and gears

Wooden Windows for the Win
Science and technology have once again baffled us with an amazing new discovery- replacing glass with wood! Sound crazy? Not quite. The process of turning wood into a usable source for solar cells or glass facing involves chemically removing lignin, which is a brown organic component that binds the wood’s cell walls. Although the wood does not become completely transparent, it will allow sufficient light into a room while sustaining privacy. As far as the use of solar panels is concerned, this innovation is beneficial because wood tissue causes light scattering, leaving light trapped in the solar cells for a long period of time for better solar cell efficiency. This transformation in the timber industry is welcomed by green building strategies worldwide and considered by timber industries in South Africa who strive to invest in technology.

Socio-economic development goals
The International Partnership of Forest Education is a non-profit organisation that aspires to educate countries worldwide on forestry programmes at university level. One of the key roles that the IPFE plays is enhancing societies’ locally relevant understanding of forestry as well as how this understanding will form part of global development agendas. PG Bison, a leading wood supplier company in South Africa, aspires to socio-economic development responsibilities by focusing their corporate social investment initiatives on the youth of South Africa. Some of the core duties that this movement considers are providing learning and experience of curricula, connecting regional networks in order to expand on knowledge and address major problems and needs, and finally promoting diverse interests about forests and forestry education.



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