mood board for your interior renovations

Creating A Mood Board For Your Interior Renovations

To renovate a living space you need to brainstorm various new design trends and personal preferences. This is why many people create a visually-inspired mood board based on the colours and textures of the styles that interest them most.

Colour forecasts and design trends generally influence one another, and many colour combinations are dedicated to a unique look and feel. By choosing your favoured colour scheme first, you automatically filter out trends and styles that will not suit your design idea.

Another reason why choosing a colour scheme should be your first step is because choosing paint for walls is the fundamental element of any renovation. The walls frame the living space and are responsible for tying other details in the room together.

Once you have a layout of your colours, you can start looking at the texture styles. The texture that you choose determines your furniture purchase as well as your cupboard or flooring installation plan. When you explore textures for your mood board the aim is to decide whether you want, for example, dramatic, geometric or simplistic textures.

The texture that you choose will take up the most space in the living area, so look for textured carpets, large furniture pieces, curtains etc. for your mood board. You will quickly see which textures matches your vibe, so it is here where your design idea finally starts coming together.

Dramatic textures

Dramatic textures incorporate things like deep wallpapers with bold colours, luxurious dark wood like Cadbury Oak, and royal or oriental elements. To fulfil a dramatic look, it is best to use rich fabrics like velvet, printed material and Persian carpets.

Dramatic textures

Photo pin 509610514065570508

Geometric textures

Geometric textures use repetitive patterns, futuristic motifs and 2-tone design approaches. Plain, neat fabrics should be used to accentuate the elements of patterns and contrasting lines that have been brought into the walls, floors or other pieces of furniture.


*Photo pin 199988039683053389

Simplistic textures

Simplistic textures focus on smooth, shiny surfaces and neat tones. It often gives off an industrial feel that incorporates light brick, metal, glass and touches of nature into its design. Open spaces and contemporary furniture pieces will lift the industrial feel even more.







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