Making Your Kitchen Family Friendly

Having a beautiful kitchen that’s in a good state, and having kids sometimes feel like they’re mutually exclusive, but can you have the best of both worlds? Balancing the two is difficult – Materials that are durable and easy to clean take precedence over the beautiful marble tops you’ve often dreamed of having in your home, once you have kids. The modern finish you wanted to incorporate all of a sudden has to be traded off for something a little more colourful. Your expensive décor taste sometimes has to be sidelined for white boards that note down chores or homework… all in all, it’s worth it to ensure that your home is a pleasant place for your young ones to grow up in, as the kitchen is usually the spot that sees the most family activity.

Having durable, beautiful materials in your kitchen that are affordable to replace, however, isn’t impossible. Here are a few tips on how to make your kitchen area accommodating to your kids while also retaining its beauty:

  • Incorporate a technology centre:

As most educational material is saved on an online cloud nowadays, giving your kids access to their school system in the primary ‘hub’ of your home is a great idea! Provide access to homework and schoolwork in this space and you’ll help your kids integrate schoolwork with their home lives better than them having to compartmentalise their responsibilities (which makes the whole affair less fun).

  • Use laminate flooring for an easy-to-clean, affordable to replace alternative:

As your tiles or wooden floors are bound to get some stain damage (not to mention how subject to wear-and-tear they’ll become, especially when your kids reach that age) looking into materials that are affordable to replace isn’t a bad idea. Laminate flooring is easy to install, to keep clean and to remove in case they become damaged.

  • Use laminate board panels for your countertops

Using laminate countertops, like Formica, save you a tonne of money in the long run. As your countertops are sure to receive enough traffic over the course of your kids’ childhoods, employing a material that’s easy to clean, resistant to wear-and-tear damage, and easy to replace in case of damage really has no downsides. Getting these to suit the rest of your kitchen design is incredibly easy, as well, as these countertops come in a variety of patterns and colours.

  • Make the space family friendly:

Try using a blackboard instead of a whiteboard! Even though whiteboards allow you to use a variety of colours for your mind maps and to-do lists, the chalk-and-blackboard aesthetic makes your kitchen feel more like a home, rather than a boardroom. Implement multiple colours in other areas of your kitchen to make it more vibrant. Be it cloths or cabinets, make your space family friendly by adding dashes of colour.


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