High Gloss kitchen surfaces

Heat Up A Your Kitchen With These Oven-Hot Tips

Styling your kitchen to suit the latest trends reaches far beyond just aesthetical benefits. Modern kitchens incorporate elements that match our busy lifestyles and complement the advancement of technology in our lives. According to Forbes, here are the common trends that are leaving kitchens looking hot ,hot, hot!

White motifs still dominate contemporary kitchens, however, charcoals, greys, neutral pastels and tinted whites are used as alternatives to standard white. More and more, designers are also using lighter wood tones, such as MelaWood Esperanza Oak and Summer Oak, for kitchen countertops:

These lighter tones for kitchen cabinets go well with drier accent colours, such as muted greens, light blues and pale yellows.

80’s elements are showing face again. Very extravagant mirrored backspace, high-gloss surface finishes and brass accessories work surprisingly well with the lighter-toned, calming whites and pales in the kitchen. Read about High Gloss kitchen surfaces.


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Another very big trend, not just for kitchens but also for interior design in general, is smart or “hi-tech” spaces. This means that kitchens are made with conveniently hidden charging stations for devices, along with a lot of high-tech, state-of-the-art appliances, namely steam ovens, wine coolers and built-in coffee machines.

Combined kitchen and living spaces have been a popular interior layout for a very long time and it is not going away very soon. Factors such as the increased price of bigger living spaces, people wanting to enjoy more family time and the amazing ability to integrate appliances into the merged space make this home design practical. Simplicity plays a huge role in contemporary kitchens. By embracing simple and strategic designs and less fussy details, kitchens are practical and yet still aesthetically pleasing.

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