Contemporary & Traditional Kitchen Seating Option

Your kitchen is the central point of your home and serves several different purposes, so making your kitchen the perfect environment for social gatherings is important. Whether you enjoy having your kids surround the kitchen during breakfast time, or catering for dinner parties with friends, there are various kitchen seating options that can match your lifestyle and your home’s interior design.

Which kitchen seating option is ideal for you? There are numerous options to explore for kitchen seating, ranging from pragmatic to elegant. When choosing an option, what it all boils down to is space, practicality and aesthetics. In some kitchens, especially smaller kitchens, islands area a great multipurpose feature to have as they can be used for extra preparation space as well as for dining space and storage. For lowered countertops or tables in the kitchen, chairs should typically be about 43 cm in height. For higher islands, you can purchase barstools that are about 76 cm in height as typical kitchen counter tops are usually about 106 cm in height.

Contemporary kitchen seating. If you want to keep up with the latest kitchen trends, opt for an island accompanied by bar stools. These are ideal for an inexpensive kitchen dining area. Plus, you can use the island as storage space as well, making it practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, especially if you match the kitchen island surface material to that of the rest of your kitchen.

Traditional kitchen seating. If you have space, you can add a normal dining table to your kitchen space along with kitchen chairs. You can purchase chairs without armrests and with cushions to add traditional, comfortable seating to your kitchen.
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When meeting with a kitchen designer, share the activities that you would like to take place in your kitchen so that the best kitchen seating options can be explored.

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