laminate countertop

Formica LifeSeal Worktops

laminate countertoptops when planning an office or home interior, and see the benefits for yourself! They’re available in a whole range of colours and finishes that enhance style, rather than compromise on it; and its exceptional surface resistance to wear-and-tear also makes maintenance an easy task!

There’s no doubt that these tops are unrivalled for use in corporate spaces, and function fantastically in domestic use. Despite competitors’ efforts to offer alternatives, Formica LifeSeal Worktops wins the game when it comes to practicality, functionality, cost-effectiveness and, importantly, how easy they are to install or replace.

The installation process DIY friendly,  you can install a single top with minimal effort and a few basic tools. Here’s how:

  • First, you’ll have to measure the top surface. Always double check your measurements before beginning the cutting process! Make sure that your cutting tools are in good condition and come with proper instructions, too!
  • Once you’ve inspected your tools and made sure your saw blades are thin enough to cut through the laminate countertops, you can tackle the next phase: cutting them. Mark out the line you’ll cut along with a soft pencil and, ideally, use a steel ruler for extra support!
  • Face the laminate surface downward and, if using an electric saw, make sure your blade is spinning upward, or into the laminate, rather than downward (which might damage its integrity).
  • When dealing with cut-outs, leave adequate space from the edge of the laminate board, or other cut-outs (a minimum of 50mm). This helps prevent cracks from showing.

Install your countertops yourself with confidence and peace of mind that they’ll do the job they’re meant to! For a more detailed look at how to go about your DIY installation, take a look at this video, which explains the process.

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