Formica’s Sealed Edges; The Solution to Water Damaged Wood

BisonBord Formica.pngBisonBord is made with varying sizes of wood chip from eucalyptus and pine that are pressed to form a durable, pressed wooden sheet. The BisonBord is then covered with a laminate sheet of Formica.

The Formica LifeSeal creates a barrier on cut edges or ‘front lip’ of the board to further reduce the compressed wood’s susceptibility to moisture. This does not need to be direct moisture like one might expect in a kitchen but even atmospheric humidity can draw into the unsealed edges over time. The cut edge or ‘front lip’ that was vulnerable before, now gets another barrier to avoid deterioration from moisture. This makes for the perfect applications in:

  • Kitchens
    Moisture from cooking, water from the sink and even steam from the kettle are then impenetrable to the wood.
  • Bathrooms
    Cabinets and other applications will not be affected by steam or moisture from the bathroom’s environmental conditions.
  • Offices
    In offices a minor spill can no longer spell disaster for unsealed Formica edges as they are protected.
  • Commercial spaces
    Shops and eating halls can benefit greatly from the LifeSeal on the Formica’s edge because moisture from cooking or direct spills will not change the structural integrity of the wood.

The sealed edging means that corners have a more refined finish. This refined edge avoids not only moisture absorption but also snags or bumps from exposed sharp cut corners. Choose Formica with the advanced LifeSeal to ensure your purchase is affordable and sustainable in the long-term of your space.


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