Designing a pet-friendly kitchen: The most important tips

My husband and I decided to invest in a kitchen makeover. Since our decision to renovate, I have been on Pinterest every day, looking at all the creative ideas and practical solutions that I can incorporate into our kitchen.

A very recent, yet not at all overrated, trend that I’ve noticed is making sure that your home is pet friendly. Like children, pets need to be in a safe environment too. So, I decided to dig a little deeper into how to make my new kitchen design pet friendly for my pets.

What does a pet friendly kitchen entail?

Well, logically, I want to make sure that my kitchen is safe and spacious, and that my pets can get to their food, water and toys easily. Here’s how I adapted my kitchen design to be more pet friendly.


I really tried to focus on making the kitchen extremely safe so, I researched possible dangers that a pet may face in the kitchen.

Burning their paws on the stove. This can happen to big dogs who jump up and put their paws on the stove or cats who walk along the countertops and stove. The best solution to this problem is plate covers.

MelaWood and Ez Rails

Figure 1: Pin: 469007748679717564

Eating things they shouldn’t. Plastic, chicken bones, tin foil – bins are full of hazardous items that can affect both cats and dogs. Having a 6 month old pup, I am more than cautious about leaving things lying around. To prevent my pets from getting access to any rubbish, I decided to design one of my cabinets just for my kitchen rubbish bin. This was pretty easy, especially because I used MelaWood for my kitchen cabinets, which made it easy to design a perfect cabinet for a rubbish bin. Now there’s no way for my naughty little puppy to dig into any of the rubbish!

Chewing on hazardous electric cords. This is usually a huge problem with cats; however, dogs also chew on electrical cords. The best way to keep your pets safe from electrocution is to create enough cupboard space to fit in your electric appliances and, what I did, install a knock down gate system to keep pets out of the kitchen while you are using appliances.

 Food, Water & Toys

The kitchen is the best place to feed your animals, especially if they eat inside. I decided to install an open counter for the dog bowls, like the one below. I especially love the draws above the bowls; these can hold your pets’ toys, treats and medicines. Again MelaWood is definitely the best material to use for this kind of project.

MelaWood and Ez Rails

Figure 2: Pin:342977327842081741

I never went as far as decorating my kitchen pet-style but I did see a lot of great ideas for that online too. You have a lot of room to be creative and make your home more pet friendly.


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