How to Bring your Eclectic Style to Life with MelaWood

Eclectic interior design is the ability to mix styles with a neutral base effectively as well as bring in contemporary and modern elements to fit with mid-century furniture, traditional flooring and cottage style curtains. The beauty of an eclectic interior design is that it is completely customisable as the combination of styles you employ is completely up to you.

PG Bison eclectic


How to Achieve an Eclectic Interior:

The key to true eclecticism is to not be restricted by any one style. The eclectic style is easy to integrate because tastes vary and not everything you have will necessarily match.

Basically, to make an eclectic interior work, you need to keep the colour of your surfaces neutral but keep varying texture and style. By using a MelaWood neutral base application for your counters and cabinets, you can create a picture-perfect eclectic style by mixing the styles of your furniture, fabrics and décor.

MelaWood as the Basis for your Eclectic Interior:

For decorative surface solutions in a wide selection of colours and textures; enter MelaWood.

MelaWood is a decorative melamine faced board (MFB) that is:

  • Easy to clean and safe for food preparation.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Moisture resistant.

MelaWood is available in four finishes:

  1. Peen; a textured stipple effect.
  2. Ashwood; an embossed woodgrain.
  3. Linear; deep textured, straight woodgrain.
  4. Natural Touch; a lavish matte finish.

You could opt for a warm neutral colour like Duke Mahogany and decorate with reds, purples and oranges. Inversely, you could choose a grey colour like Maiden Wood, a cooler neutral colour to pair with greens, blues and jewel tones. However, there are no rules! The neutral colour and texture will act as a foundation for whatever décor you put together.



Whatever you may choose MelaWood can turn your home into a living cabinet of curiosities.



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